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October 15, 2007


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This reminds me of the time my mom managed to hit a school bus with her car early one winter morning. She blamed black ice. My mom ALWAYS blames black ice.

She actually managed to hit the bus SIDEWAYS, so we actually TBoned ourselves with a bus which i think doesn't even happen in movies.

Anyway, she hit it so hard I think I passed out momentarily - I was on the side that hit. And The next thing I knew we were in the car, the car was of the road, in a gully. It had been stopped by a tree. We were all fine but then my car door opened and the most beautiful man on the face of the planet asked me if I was okay.

I was convinced I had gone to heaven.

Then I noticed the wedding ring, and I think I actually said, out loud, "where AM I?" in the suspicious tone of voice used by the people in those Got Milk commercials where they eat a ton of chocolate cake and then there's a fridge full of empty milk cartons.

Actually, it was nothing like your fire story except there was a hot guy rescuer in it.


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