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June 10, 2008


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"Until I can no longer take it,"

Are we taking bets on how long that will be. I'm going with 20 minutes. Two hours...tops.


ms chica

I like the convenience of Web MD because I'm too stubborn to have anything diagnosed, or stitched up.


oooo, I was one of the compulsive bandaid wearers. All problems of the world could be solved by the sporting of a bandaid. Of course, I developed an allergy to the adhesive when I was 12 and had to find other outsources for my neurosis.


Oh, yeah. Stay away from the internet! A few years ago, my one friend was convinced her son was diabetic and/or suffering from some bizarre, rare condition based on her "research". He just had a virus and all was right in the world...except for my friend's stressed case of nerves. Too much info is not always a good thing!


i feel ya girl...i feel ya.

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