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Three siblings, one blog, will it be chaos? Hair pulling? Biting and arm punches? Nah. Not with us. We are three siblings born every eight years, somewhat like an exotic bird species.

Sistah is the MUCH older wiser one with a wicked smart husband (He's a doctor!) and three gorgeous children. Seriously, they are stunning. She decorates, paints, repaints, repaints some more, and beautifies her house on a fairly regular basis. And she's handy! Plus she lives with the lovely, Daisy, a black Great Dane who is a mama's girl and Tyrone, a FEMALE cat. Um, yeah, blame her oldest child. Sistah C. was cajoled, bribed, and threatened to participate in this blog and it has been a success!

Bro is the artiste and not in the sandwich artiste sort of way. He is the free spirit musician middle child with a hot wife and four beautiful children. Seriously gorgeous. He is a musician, vegan, and the guy who everyone knows and likes. But be warned, he has a quick wit. Don't say you haven't been warned. Beside four stunning children, seriously, it cannot be emphasized enough how stunning, smart, and lovely these children are, he and the wife have a new four legged addition to their family. One might call him Donald Jr. but they call him Ruggy, an orange polydactyl kitten who is ready for some lovin'.

Fretful just is. Is what, you might ask? Crazy? Well yes, she does admit it. And what else is she? You are dying to know, we know it. She is married to another wicked smart science geek (The Prof) and is working on adding more geeks to her family. She prides herself on being labeled "quirky" by her mother. Besides being geeky and quirky, she is an attorney who serves low income folks and she loves it. Really. She loves her job. Go figure. Besides living with the Prof, she shares her home with a Siamese cat, Lilly, a blind cat, Mr. Stinny, a white odd-eyed cat, Shrimpycat and kitten who looks like a squirrel, the famous Zena. And if you tell her she has a menagerie, she'll cut ya. Oh, and yes, she loves differently abled animals.