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October 16, 2007


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Hey there: I took some extra time today to check out the lolcats. I love the birthday cake/you're adopted one the most!

Anyway, be careful with the staightener! Take it from a curly headed girl who knows - after a month or so of even only occasional use, I became a really, really frizzy haired girl - I mean way more than usual. If you know of a good product to rehab me, let me know.

Don't work too hard!

SB7 (just think, there's at least 6 other's out there JUST LIKE ME!)

ps. Thanks for helping me with the site counter thingy!


I meant "others" - I hate when that happens!


Watch out... First it's free samples of hair straightener, next you'll be ditching the law books and starting a career with Mary Kay! That's how they getcha!


You bought a curling/straightening iron, TOO? You were just a little buying machine.


what was the brand of this miracle curling iron/straightner? share please:)


and that, children, is why Russia won the war.

What do you mean they didn't win? Well they bloody well should have.

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