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November 28, 2007


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don't even get me started...


Twice Five Miles

But where will the pygmy goats and pygmy hippos live?


Oh man, Jim is obsessed with alpacas too! I don't get it.


I love the sheepy faces of alpacas. Where we used to live in W. Mass, every spring there was an agricultural/breeder's fair, called Llama-rama. No joke. We went EVERY year. Llamas, alpacas, sheep, and even camels-- "fiber arts" animals, essentially. But Llama-rama? So much better than "Shitloads of Sheep" or something like that. : )


This must be a sign. I just saw alpacas for the first time last weekend and have been obsessed with them since. I, too, want to own alpacas and have decided to research this issue. I think it would be a perfect mid-life career change for me and my husband, and something to carry us on into "retirement." How strange that I suddenly find your blog and read that you are obsessed with alpacas. Weird. But great.

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