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January 11, 2008


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mike golch

well I can relate to this I have issues also,mine are the oppsite of yours when I feel that I have to go I sit and wait and wait befor I can go,My doctor has me on two different meds to help and it does to some extent and today he said if it gets easier that that will be as good as it gets,meaning I will never be back to "normal" what ever that is. My BH does have to wear poise or one of the other products,but she is a type One diabetic for almost 40 years now.


Clearly you read the wrong book. It's llamas who play the harmonica.

red pen mama

oh, boy. I haven't read enough of this blog to know if you're thinking of ever having children, but you think it's bad now, wait 'till you're preggers.



If you squeeze a little bit of lemon into your water, the water will absorb into your system more instead of quickly passing right through. An old trick from a desert rat to help stay hydrated in the summer. :)

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