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January 30, 2008


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Given that I have recently fallen in love with all things fountain pen-y, I understand your attachment to your stapler.


I'm actually a little afraid of my stapler. It's an automatic, so I don't even need to touch it, just stick the paper in its jaws and WHAMMO! It's stapled. But the sound it makes is like a gun shot, and the velocity with which the stapling takes place actually makes me blink from the recoil. Weeeeeeeiiiiiirrrrddd......wanna trade?


I have been known to hoard pens and clicky pencils. I feel ya.


Just be careful if they move your desk to the basement. That is never a good sign.



I have the official Office Space red Swingline Milton stapler. I loves it.

mike golch

yeh only thing better that that is one that all you have to do is put the paper in and it staples it's self.

camarillo office space

I have the official Office Space red Swingline Milton stapler If you have not seen the movie "Office Space", you need to. If you have seen it, then you know exactly why this stapler has become so popular. Now you can tell your co-workers that this is your stapler! It definitely makes a colorful and fun addition to any workspace. =D


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