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February 04, 2008


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This is so sweet! Hurray for him! I love my nephews and nieces so much!

Biggie's Mom

I have a 15-year old nephew who went on his first formal dance with a girl last fall, and it was pretty much the same. So cute and sweet - somehow he did manage to ask the girl he liked, but when it came to the group dinner before the formal, he ended up hanging out with his guy friends while the girls stood on the other side of the patio. His mom (sistah-in-law) had to go over to J and suggest that he actually try to sit with his date and talk to her!



I had a blast at my high school dances. I can't wait to live through my children.


I absolutely hated dances when I was in high school. Then again, I had an undiagnosed anxiety disorder at the time.

Still, I get nervous just thinking about sending my daughter off to one.

I need to get back in therapy, I think.

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