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February 05, 2008


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mike golch

so you were born on friday the 13 huh well that makes you special.
Losing weight is always great,something that I need to do.
If your not stress or depressed you're doing great and yes every day is a blessing godd bad or indifferent.Mike


Pass those meds this way sistah......seriously. Your post was uplifting. I needed that. Thanks!

Biggie's Mom

Seriously, I think a lot of litigators don't like confrontation. Being in court is sanctioned confrontation with a clear set of rules, and that makes it ok. But then outside of the courtroom there are no rules of engagement, so we avoid potentially confrontational situations. I make The Husband order food delivery because after a day of arguing with and explaining stuff to people on the phone, the last thing I want to do is order dinner.

And yes, Biggie made me start another blog. I decided to do it because it was easier than having an argument about it. ;)


Apparently dad hasn't been down to visit lately :-P
Glad you are feeling so great-I am excited about some of that other unmentioned news.

Biggie's Mom

woohoo! thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I'll try to come up with some more interesting stuff.

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