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March 28, 2008


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Wow- that's really amazing. I think its wonderful that they focus on the Constitution and such, but I think its even more wonderful they had someone there to focus on the people who worked so hard to achieve something they wanted.

I kind of tear up just imagining it, and I NEVER do that.


The citizenship swearing in ceremonies are some of the few legal proceedings where everybody in the room is HAPPY and PROUD. When I was a law clerk and my judge did the ceremonies I ALWAYS got choked up. Sounds like she talked about the same kinds of things you did. And it's one of those times that no matter how annoyed you are with the current administration (no matter who they might be), you can't help but be proud of the system.

(And also this is what cheeses me off about legislation that people propose every once in a while trying to distinguish between naturalized and "natural born" citizens. Guess what, kooks - we ALL came from Africa at some point, ok? Deal with it.) /off soapbox.


what an incredible experience that must be. if I ever get the opportunity, I will definitely check that out.


Fretful, you are so cool. Thanks for showing the world that not all lawyers are bloodsuckers. My niece is graduating from law school soon, and is showing a tendency to proudly live up to the stereotype. May there be more compassionate, civic minded lawyers like you that graduate this year.

Check this out; this guy is a corporate litigation lawywer who's also breaking the stereotype. He is writing the most emotional, beautiful and inspiring book about dealing with canine cancer. http://www.dougandthebbrothers.com


This is why you RAWK.


Aww, this is so nice. I probably would have liked being a lawyer more had I done something slightly more stimulating than take houses away from poor people. Hmm.

Incidentally, this courtroom looks very similar to the bankruptcy courtroom in Rome, GA, although I suspect it also looks similar to courtrooms in about 50-bazillion other random cities as well.

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