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July 17, 2008


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Squee! Congratulations on blessing your union with issue.

But that doesn't mean you can't also be royal and fancy and shit. You do however now get to use the "expectant mother" parking outside Babies R Us, Toys R Us and a couple of drugstores.

Professor Art Nerd

congratulaions! happy and healthy 9 months to you! squeeeee!


Rumor has it the child will be named Emma. Or Emmett. Or Emil. Or Emilio. No, no, not Emilio. Reminds me too much of the Estevez dude, which reminds me of Charlie Sheen, which reminds of of men who pay for sex. So, no, not Emilio. But Emily. Or Emmylou.

ms chica

Excellent! So will the kid be named after the cat or will the cat be named after the kid?

mrs. chicken


Congratulations! How wonderful! Be well, friend, be well.


Yo, mama, congrats on getting knocked up!

I'm putting in my name suggestions right now:

If it's a chick, I want you name her "Eugenia Theodosia"
If it's a rooster, then name him "Oscar Goldman" (cause I really dug The 6 Million Dollar Man when I was tyke).



p.s. I knew it. and I was just about to email you yesterday and tell you you weren't foolin' any of us.



Congratulations! Kittehs are very cute! Oh, and the pregancy, too. That's very cool.


Congratulations, kitten!


Well, congratulations, m'dear! That is very good news indeed. You're gonna be a kickarse mama.

blue girl


Yay you! Take care of yourself, get plenty of sleep and eat lots and lots! Cuz that's the fun part!!!

Melissa from Pittsburgh


So excited! SO EXCITED!

I LOOVEEE me some babies!

any morning sickness yet? probably tired --- do NOT worry this will be gone within 5 months!




Congratulations! That was, uhm, quick!


Congratulations, Andrea!


Oh shit I just saw this! Congrats girl, you are going to make an awesomely progressive, super cool, dog friendly, enviro-mama! Yipee for you and the Prof!

But what does Finny think? ;)

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