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September 03, 2008


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Oh you can never overthink it ;) There's an excellent book called "The Baby Name Wizard" (by Laura Wattenberg) that is the absolute best baby name book there is. The names are not chosen to make an overwhelming number (30,000 baby names! 10,000 baby names now!) but are good realistic names that people will use. They're available in alphabetical lists and then in groups by type (Greek, old-fashioned, timeless, nickname-proof, "why not?"). They also provide "sibling" names. Say you like the feel of "Hector" but don't want to use the name. Look it up and there are "sibling suggestions" for boy and girl names. My copy is downstairs or I'd go look them up ;)

Two quick suggestions: don't let the initial spell anything heinous (mine until I got married spelled "SAG" -- you don't want to put that on your luggage). Also don't let the first and last names run together, like if your last name starts with L or N, letting the first name end in an L or N sound.

I'm absolutely mad for baby naming so if you do post a list, I'll be there to vote ;)

Oh and our extra choices for names included Julia, Caroline, Anna, Delilah, Miranda, William, Nathaniel and Mark.


I think you should start a new trend...let your blog readers vote on the baby's name. It'll be a great story to tell the kid some day. Nothing says "we love you" more than "you were named by a bunch of strangers." ;)


Emma, LOL! We're not strangers, c'mon! And we have got to be better than a bunch of older sibs...

I sort of like "Epidural" it's guaranteed to be unique.

Q: When you name a post "Travel, Part i" that usually implies there's a Part II, and sometimes even III, IV, etc. Hm????

Twice Five Miles

What happened to Guido?


it turns out that cats are actually very good with names.


I'm thinking.... BLOG CONTEST! LOL

ms chica

You would have to coax my cat out of the linen closest with a can of tuna if you expected him to pick.


I like Shigella and Dsylexia. You can call her Ella or Lexie for short.


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