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September 17, 2008


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Light a match? Why? Are you near a gassy dog?

Melissa from Pittsburgh

first ... know that i'm missing ya and thinkin bout cha. but totally get the brain freeze thing ... you are preggie ... that is excuse enough FOR EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! Hormone changes are wicked! You are excused - tell PROF (k?).

second ... my test was also positive it was like 1/245 or something to that effect and we had all of this discussion and I got an extra sonogram out of the deal (which told me I was having a girly). It was with my first.

It's all about stress! Docs like to stress ya out, why I don't know - YOU ARE HORMONAL AND STRESSED! oy! when will they learn to be kind and talk in slow easy voices?

ms chica

Paragraph 2 is spot on.

Jeez, some people just don't think before they speak....Don't fret though, I'm sure someone will dump in the nurse's corn flakes with an excess of ill thought information before the month ends..maybe even the week.

Hang in there!

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