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September 11, 2008


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You know what I think....how could you resist those eyes?? He is adorable!!

Twice Five Miles

Since you're going to take him (I mean, come on, anyone who knows you knows you're going to take him!) just make sure you have the training well underway before that bambino is coming along! Dealing with our rescue dog while pregnant was hard enough, I can't imagine trying to deal with an unruly dog with an infant!

But yes, adorable.


I think you'll be very busy, but you;ll manage some how. How could you give up on that face?

ms chica

Hmmm. He is quite handsome. I trust your judgement he has potential.

Still, I would be on the look out for a back up foster family in case the stress load of a newborn becomes overwhelming. I'm a pragmatist with a big heart, but a pragmatist nonetheless. ;)

Rooney would very lucky to have you.


So cute! And I totally get the sentiment for the poor soul.


oh what an adorable face. and eyes.

He's 67 pounds? seriously? He looks like a little pup to me. Then again, most dogs look like little pups to me these days. Good luck to you and Rooney and the prof. and the kitties. and the baby to come.

Melissa from Pittsburgh

awwww ... congrats (or is it still too early to say that, is prof still in denial?)

It's called nesting and I believe you are doing this a BIT earlier than expected, but eh, who's counting (YOU ARE ... the months, days and hours).

So very excited for you, can't wait to see pics of the trip!

red pen mama

Looks like a keeper.

If he needs a foster home while you get used to the baby, he can visit us in Pittsburgh. Alas, I am not ready for a dog permanently!


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