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September 04, 2008


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mrs. chicken

It doesn't help that you are pregnant. When I'm gestating, I swear, I can smell the guy across the street - from INSIDE my house!

Hope you are feeling well, I've been thinking of you.

PS - I think the cat-naming idea is awesome.

ms chica

I'm not pregnant, and certain smells still cause me to wrinkle my nose. Baby powder, and cologne or perfume I can detect from fifty paces, and cooked cabbage.

Twice Five Miles

It is Donald! He is totally reaching out to you... that is awesome. You know how they say that when you dream of a departed loved one, that's their way of reaching out to you from beyond? Same thing here, I think.

Melissa from Pittsburgh

OH ... I remember the smell thing! I had to hold my nose before walking into a grocery store.

My mom tells a funny story about my aunt Jackie that has passed - I miss her SOOOO much.

Anyway, the story begins 30 plus years ago... My aunt called my mother one night in hysterics, "BONNIE", she says, "YOU HAVE TO GET IT", "Get, what?", my mom says. "JUST GET HERE AND GET RID OF IT" and then the phone was dead. Well, my mother was crazy with wonder and worry knowing that Jackie's husband wasn't home and Jackie was pregnant, what could possibly be there to get? My mom racked her brain during her drive (before cell phones) and convinced herself that there was an unwelcome critter my aunts home. My mom arrives and Jackie is in a corner, shaking and quivering, and she points to something that is under the dining room table. My mother approaches gently, not really sure what it is she sees ... then she recognizes the thing ... it's an aluminum foil pan (the ones that TV dinners were once sold in) and in the pan was some sort of Mexican enchillada TV dinner. My mother bursts into laughter, "Jackie, what is going on here", Jackie says, "I can't look at it and the smell of it is making me sick, you have to take it away, far far away".

The SMELL of something is very POWERFUL - and your brain has an excellent memory for smells.

Jackie was never able to 'stomach' TV dinners and refried beans after that incident...never!


Who buys an Old Spice -scented deodorizer for the women's bathroom? ick. Do they call it Eau de Pervert? (Not because OS-wearers are pervs, but because of the whole men's cologne scent in a women's bathroom).

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