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September 24, 2008


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This weekend a friend of mine seemed to be impressed bout Palin keeping that Bridge to Nowhere money and putting it into "conservation." I can send her this link now ;)

ms chica

I have trouble relating to Palin as a hunter. I'm not a hunter, but I know hunters who are conservationists.

Assaulting animals from helicopters isn't hunting, it's gratuitous homicide.

Melissa from Pittsburgh

I used to do that stuff, protest for PETA. I visited the Earth Island Institute in San Fransisco (don't even know if they are still around- it was when tuna free dolphin hunting was big). I love Dolphins!

I gave to Sierra Club, WWF, Human Society (two of them), Animal Friends, ASPCA, Earth Island, PETA, and Animal Advocates.

I even worked for a telemarking group to collect for these organizations.

Now, I don't give and I don't volunteer. I'm a horrible person-I am.

I only give to the ASPCA in memory of my Aunt Jackie, that was one of her favorite charities, and they loved her too.

It's not that I stopped caring, I ran out of extras; there is NO extra lately. Living pay to pay SUCKS!

If I ever lose my job and can't find another, or if I win millions and no longer need to work...I have sworn to myself and now to you, that I will volunteer to walk the 'nimals in the Shelter and give generously (if I hit the billions of course, not if I lost my job and become destitute or something).


I just can't wrap my head around areal wolf hunting, and how that is at all a sport.


You. Go. Grrrrl.

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