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October 27, 2008


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Get a bottle warmer! We got ours from The First Years before Matthew was born and used it for Noah as well -- it's wonderful! Heats a full 9-oz bottle in about a minute.

2 diaper bags: one large, one small (but I like bags, so we had many more than 2 :))

A Sleep Sack (or any of its clones) so the baby stays warm without blankets.

A contoured pad for the changing table -- helps keep the baby from rolling off (but I ended up never using the cloth covers that I bought -- the plastic pad was much easier to clean)

Lots of easy-to-change, easy-to-clean clothing: onesies, stretchy long pants, sleep-n-plays. Special cute outfits are great, but not practical -- we kept most of ours for visiting or photo ops.

Glad to hear all is going well and that the names are narrowed down! Can't wait to see what you choose :)

ms chica

Uh, yeah, so I am unqualified on the experience end...but I was at a baby shower two weeks ago and the "boppy" seemed to be a big hit.


I have two great baby names picked out, but no desire to have a baby. Go figure.


A swing is a must, a pack n' play is a must. Also, a bath bear. Trust me on this one.


A bouncy seat. Some vibrate, some play music, etc. I borrowed one for Zoe, bought one for Holden (I think it was Fisher Price). But you can put a newborn in it for play interaction, they sleep in them, you can move them while sleeping, you can shower, you can do some laundry, etc. and always take the baby with you. They are ESSENTIAL if you want any semblance of self in the first four months. Once the baby sits up, you won't us it any more. If I lived in Erie, I'd give you mine ;)

Boppies are useful if you're breastfeeding (and often if you're not). No matter how you feed the baby, make sure you have a comfy chair. Glider rockers are good (don't skip the ottoman); I recommend a full-out La-Z-Boy recliner/rocker. You will sit in it for hours on end. You will sleep in it. Oh -- get a travel neck pillow and put it on when you're doing late-night feedings. You'll fall asleep and wake with a stiff neck, unless you're reclined ;)

We never used a bottle warmer. Babies don't mind a cool or room temperature bottle. On the occasions we did warm a bottle, we warmed some water in the microwave in a measuring cup and put the bottle in that.

A mobile or a cribside musical toy is useful too. It'll amuse him long enough so you can pee in peace. Trust me -- this becomes a big issue. I thought mobiles were silly and a waste of money. Before Zoe was a month old, we went out to get one ;)

Also you can never have too many blankets. :)


Definitely second the bouncy-seat and pack-n-play and boppy!

As far as the bottle warmer..well, Matthew never cared much about temperature but Noah does. So I hope you're lucky enough to NOT need one!


I'm also partial to the boppy, the swing and the bouncy chair. I'd add a bjorn to the list.

jordan retro

Glad to hear all is going well and that the names are narrowed down! Can't wait to see what you choose :)

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