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October 01, 2008


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Twice Five Miles

Boys are the awesomest. Hooray!




Oh right on Andrea! Congratulations, that is so cool. Boys are supposed to be so much easier to cope with according to my Mom. Maybe she's just pissed that she had five girls.

Lucky lady! Yipee! All of us send our love.


This is the best part of being pregnant -- I loved feeling mine move around inside. Congrats to both of you :)

ms chica

Sweet! At least for the next ten years or so...After that the brooding begins. Then in their mid-twenties they gradually stop.


Congratulations :) And now you can really narrow down that name search ;)


Congratulations and enjoy every moment.

Professor Art Nerd

Yay boys! Congratulations!


Wonderful. I can tell you this: I am in love with my little man. Boys are great. Congrats!

Melissa from Pittsburgh

Congratulations, a kicking boy.

That was by far my favorite part of pregnancy, was the kicking and the feeling and the knowing of it all. Like suddenly there is real proof of something alive and well inside.

The prof can officially pass down his breakdancing skills.

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